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Our Beer 

Salmo is one of three communities in

British Columbia sitting on a

perfect water source.

Our water is so pure it flows from our taps the way it comes out of the ground.

No chlorine, filtration or treatment of any kind. 

We follow this model of purity at the brewery

and make beer without water adjustments, additives or filtration.

Our beer is as true as the water source it comes from. 

Owner and Brew Master Colin Hango

makes most of our beers in accordance

with the classic styles.

Drinkability is key to the beers you will find at Erie Creek.

No crazy brews, just easy drinkers that will leave you asking for another!



Out Cold_edited.jpg

When Brew Master Colin Hango opened a craft brewery in a small Kootenay town, he wanted to make a beer that possessed the dynamic  ability to impress seasoned craft beer drinkers while converting the hard core big name beer drinkers to craft beer. 

Out Cold Cream Ale is that beer

Erie Mist.jpg

Out of the Selkirk Mountain Range

flows into the village of Salmo water so pure, it remains to be untouched or treated by the Village or Brewery.

Brew Master Colin Hango wanted to take advantage of this and make an I.P.A. as refreshing as the cool mist of our creeks and rivers.

Coming in at 60 IBUs

Erie Mist I.P.A. is that beer.

Victory Pilsner.jpg

Previously named Pandemic Pilsner, Victory Pilsner stands for the turning point where victories can be achieved. 

Now is the time to enjoy this can of clean lager made with superior pilsner malt in celebration of the small or large

victories in life.

Victory Pilsner is that beer.

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